At Snapdragon, you have options.

Smoothing treatments are designed to help tame frizzy, course hair. They increase shine and sparkle, and make at-home smoothing an easier task. We offer three treatments to tame locks – each a little different. Is a smoothing treatment right for you? Call us, book a consultation and find out!

The Coppola Keratin Express treatment will last approximately 6 weeks. Curls are easier to straighten and dramatically relaxed. A serious de-frizz and de-puff treatment. Keratin express is guaranteed formaldehyde free.

The original, the big guns. This treatment turns frizzy hair smooth and lasts for 2 – 5 months. This treatment does not turn curly hair straight, but will relax the curl pattern. Shiny, smooth, easy to maintain. Be prepared: application takes 3-4 hours and for 72 hours afterwards, hair must remain straight, untucked and unwashed. The results are serious! Guaranteed formaldehyde free.

The Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex and proprietary polymer system helps to improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft and smoothing the cuticle. This allows the stylist to customize every treatment for every client to achieve a smooth and sleek result, or to keep the curl and lose the frizz. No down time!