Our Approach To Hair

Our approach to hair – it is uniquely our own way.

Education is at the foundation of everything we do. Our leadership team, our senior stylists, and our junior stylists equally learn, teach, study, practice, and create. We are truly passionate about doing hair.
According to our staff…. The most important qualities of our culture are friendliness, the quality of our work, and the way in which we work together, as one.

Color: Nature is our Inspiration.

Natural, dimensional, hilights, lowlights. Sun-kissed glory. We believe color is best when it looks natural, soft, dimensional, and it should have longevity. We strive to create a look that will result in the lowest maintenance possible: This means less time in the salon and looking better, longer. Root shadows, softer lines of demarcation, and depth. Beautiful!

  • CURL


    Lucky you! Cutting curly hair is unlike cutting straight hair. It requires a different approach. We approach curly hair similar to a sculpture: We shape it as we cut it and this can only be done when it is dry and styled. It is a work of art, after all. Never had your curly hair cut at Snapdragon? Please arrive to your appointment with your hair dry and styled so that we can see your true curl pattern and cut your hair dry. We love curly hair.



    We see where the hair lives and how it grows.
    We identify growth patterns and reduce unwanted weight throughout the cut. Most times, this is best achieved by dry cutting. If we are changing the shape of a cut or removing a lot of length, we typically cut wet with a razor.



    This is our jam, this what we love to do. We come from a place where our clients’ best interest comes first, therefore we make it clear that our techniques are both a journey and a destination. When it come to lightening, our first priority is the health and integrity of our clients’ hair, which means end-goals may not be achieved in one salon visit, Often times, it will take two to three visits in order to achieve desired lightness.